Legal Repository & Directory

Nova CLM facilitates consistency by means of a powerful repository of clauses, models and templates for contracts and legal documents, from a simple document such as letter to complex structures of clauses, annexes and subcontracts. Each clause has, for every jurisdiction and language, a series of properties that rule their function and behavior within the draft contract, i.e. fixed clauses, optional or approval-driven, among other properties.

Clauses are classified by type and edited in detail including risks & liabilities, target market, jurisdiction and language. Its cross-referencing system allows the user to find any legal document referring or applying to the clauses.

configuration dashboard for the system managers

A contract structure in Nova CLM is a normalized set of clauses and preambles that compose the draft of each contract. Models in the Repository are structures of provision collections for the every-day use in generating drafts.

Nova CLM manages all kinds of legal documents -not only contracts- such as notifications, reports, non-disclosure agreements, claims and general correspondence with legal impact. For this use it provides basic templates useful for creating new documents aligned with your organization’s criteria.

Beyond contents Nova CLM allows in an easy way the management of parent-child relations between managed documents so that all sub-contracts and related documents are immediately available when navigating through projects.