Teamwork with Nova CLM


Nova CLM supports configuration of the workflow in each phase of the generation and approval cycles. Approvers or managers linked to provision contents empower the workflow.


Nova CLM collects metrics for retention, elaboration and evaluation for each project; these metrics can be used for tracking the internal or external effort in projects, or for other indicators as well.

For service level control, contracts can be directly linked to KPI from  Nova or from third-party systems.


Checklists are linked to specific natures of contracts and monitor that every requirement has been achieved before promotion to the signature presentation phase.

User-defined fields

The contract editor facilitates the automatic or manual insertion of fields linked to the document properties (e.g. contract code, due date) or to user defined data. Thus documents are dynamically populated with actual data saving time and preventing writing errors.

Legal content languages

Contract contents and user interface support dual-language editing in different languages: English, español, Deutsch, français, italiano, português …