What you get

Nova clm allows quick and easy access to documents, attachments, notes, statements and any other data relating to each stage of the generation of the contract. It provides a single centralized managed and secure point of reference for all the information in the system and for all events related to the different agreements. It can also easily manage geographically distributed data in multiple zones.

Nova clm provides Guided Document Generation by means or predefined templates based on corporate guidelines and requirements of internal offices. This feature enables the end user non-specialist in legal matters to produce documents (draft) aligned to the business, corporate policies and applicable laws. Nova clm provides

  • Market-oriented management, adaptable to the distinct rules of each market and geographical area in which it operates, multilingual, fully aligned with the internal and international specific regulations of the various jurisdictions.
  • Auditability and control of the contract processing stages provide the user with the proper management and strict control of all changes. Moreover, swift access to registered contracts and the information about their generation, simplifies sharing with third parties or internal departments, as well as allowing subsequent auditing on the fulfilment of corporate compliance.
  • Automation, the innovative features of the system include:
    • Contract Contents Production from a legal standpoint, using templates and pre-approved clauses, that increases the strength of agreements and allows the parties involved to take greater advantage from the concluded stipulations.
    • Control process that involves the entire life cycle of the contract, favouring real-time continuous monitoring of the agreements compliance, workflow, any changes, and more.
  • ERP integration to extend the benefits to business processes (e.g. supply chain, procurement, finance, enterprise asset management, etc.).
  • Analysis & Report generated automatically, allowing to monitor the correct application of contractual terms (legal metrics) and meet in a quick, easy and safe way all the needs of internal control.
  • Rapid adoption: loading legacy contracts is a rapid process and the learning curve is very short (maximum 2 days). Besides all interfaces in the system are provided with easy-to-use on-line helping assistant tools and company process compliance assistance. Assistant tools are configurable and customized.
  • Vendor Directory: counterparts and vendors are each and everyone classified and managed with statistics, metrics and benchmarking features.
  • Increased Collaboration through a shared working environment, where management of the contract can be shared with other departments, as well as including contractual counterparties or third parties (technicians, professionals, lawyers), with a controlled and specific procedure.