Nova CLM methodology

  1. parameters are defined according to organization needs covering contracts and all legal documents for logistics, supply or provision; any information required for proper workflow and negotiation by users is collected. In this phase contract models, clauses and target markets are generated or revised. Rules and flexibility ranges are set
  2. users generate or request drafts of legal documents and contracts following the parameters, terms and conditions set forth in the strategy phase
  3. legal documents are completed, and transition to approval and signature is streamlined in a multichannel environment for all involved parties, including the counterparty. The contract approval process runs on roles and responsibilities set in the strategy phase
  4. once approved, documents are presented for signature (digital or not), then recorded and reported. From this moment internal business delivery processes are activated
  5. for passive contracts effects and service levels are measured; for active contracts deployment operations take place updating all related stake holders
  6. all key information and follow-up is available through specific panels, providing real-time critical information and generating reports and KPI metrics that show the contract evolution and development
  7. in the monitoring phase and forth, the effects and effectiveness of contracts are measured by economic or qualitative indicators; the outcome will affect the next phase of Evolution & Quality
  8. information collected during the agreement’s lifecycle is studied for revision and update to take place in a new strategic phase 1