Nova CLM performs many important and complemental tasks that have been identified from real-world customer experience and which are fundamental  for the correct control of legal situation far beyond the sole contract related topics.

The overall lifecycle of contracts is better covered with Nova CLM in comparison to its competitors by embracing pre-processing and post-processing features.

Nova CLM allows quick and easy access to documents, attachments, notes, statements and any other data relating to each stage of the generation of the contract. It provides a single centralized managed and secure point of reference for all the information in the system and for all events related to the different agreements. It can also easily manage geographically distributed data in multiple zones.

Nova CLM provides guided deals and documents generation by means or predefined templates based on corporate guidelines, target markets and requirements of internal offices. This feature enables the end user non-specialist in legal matters to produce consistent documents aligned to the business, corporate policies and applicable laws.

Perspectives: functional
Market-oriented management, adaptable to the distinct rules of each Target Market and/or geographical area in which it operates, multilingual, fully
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Before Contract Creation
Vendor/Counterpart Directory The Vendor & Counterparty Directory (VCD) provides a unique repository of counterparties, synchronized with ERP, and vendors, with
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Contract Creation
Mandatory Counterparty Requirements This feature adresses both eProcurement and Corporate Compliance needs for quality management and auditing. According to organization’s
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Perspectives: user’s
Rapid adoption: loading legacy contracts is a rapid process and the learning curve is very short (maximum 2 days). Besides
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Legal Repository & Directory
Nova CLM facilitates consistency by means of a powerful repository of clauses, models and templates for contracts and legal documents,
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Nova CLM model
Nova clm provides a holistic, powerful and advanced flexible framework for rapidly and easily adopting contract management integrating it with
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Trabajo en equipo con Nova CLM
Flujo Nova CLM soporta la configuración del flujo de trabajo en cada fase de los ciclos de generación y aprobación.
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Presentation Electronic Signature Contract renew
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Target markets & Multi-jurisdiction
Nova CLM manages contracts for target markets, different jurisdictions and languages, also in dual language mode. Target markets can also
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The Need for CLM
All business relationships are based on contracts. Contracts measure quite often the efficiency of each business area (Purchases, Sales, Marketing,
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