Competitive Advantage of Nova CLM

Nova clm provides a holistic, powerful and advanced flexible framework for rapidly and easily adopting contract management integrating it with business processes thus providing a huge competitive advantage.

Nova clm enables the intuitive and easy contract management: by adopting it contracts are capable of being pro-active engaging and triggering events and delivering automation of business directly related to contracts, such as SLA, service delivery, economic management, due dates, risk management, performance management (through advanced and customized scorecards) in the organization.

We have developed a set of proprietary technologies and API’s resulting from our 10-years long experience in the market of contract management. These technologies are open and enabling third party integration such as ERP’s or other existent IT tools in customer’s organization.

Beyond the features of Nova clm implementation is also a competitive advantage since deployment of the service can take place in a short time-to-market.