Managing contracts contents with kontxt

kontxt paper simulation

kontxt is our user-friendly and powerful interface for editing contracts and documents. Unique in its kind, it allows editing every clause in a whole contract saving and versioning any changes immediately, keeping an audit trail, letting stake holders exchange annotations and tracking them -and many other details- in a screen simulation of the document final form. Contents are always recorded in the central repository without need of any local copy thus providing best data security and confidentiality.

The kontxt interface displays all important information in editing mode (protocol, CapEx, target market, jurisdiction and authors) and tracks all existing versions, annotations, workflow and approval tracks; all in dual content language as well.

Creating a draft contract runs through a guided procedure: type, class, subject, schedule

workflow and full audit trail

s, milestones and economic parameters/price lists information, all according to configuration; it minimizes/eliminates any error and grants compliance to target markets and company rules or regulations