Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nova CLM integrate with other applications?

Yes –  Nova CLM provides a complete toolset for data integration with existing systems. Our well designed API can share any relevant data with upstream and downstream systems and databases. Your existing workflow management systems can also be integrated with Nova CLM.

Can Nova CLM be installed on-premises?

Yes – organizations with a structured IT might prefer on premises installations rather than cloud bases. We offer both possibilities.

Do you offer a hosted/SaaS solution?

Nova CLM offers also a hosted solution. We are able to meet the security, privacy and redundancy requirements of the most demanding organizations.  Nova CLM servers are hosted in a secure data center in Private Cloud or Hybrid configuration for best security. Country location of Data Centers is a customer’s choice. All servers have power supply and network card redundancy and hard drives are typically configured in a mirrored configuration. All servers are firewalled and are usually subject to intrusion prevention systems. Services are monitored 24/7.

Can your product support high volume document production?

Yes – the Nova CLM architecture is scalable and allows documents to be produced via a web interaction, via batch processing or a combination of these.

How scalable is Nova CLM?

A single reasonably specified server can easily handle over 500 concurrent users. Nova CLM can provide metrics to specify either the single server requirements or number of servers in a cluster to handle the highest peak load.

Does Nova CLM include auditing and security control of template access and use?

Yes – Nova CLM supports full version control of templates. Users can only access published versions of templates. Access level control is applied at template level. Controls can also be applied to restrict output formats and other features available. Audit trails for both admin and daily tasks and version histories of templates are also available as well as user usage statistics.

Does Nova CLM support real time output document creation?

Yes – Nova CLM has offered real-time document creation since its first release in 2008. Documents can be created in real time and Nova CLM provides a dynamic browser interaction and a browser preview of the assembled document. Changes made to templates can also be propagated through to users in real time.

Does Nova CLM offer management and reporting interfaces?

Yes – Nova CLM provides a variety of reports and logs. These vary from version history reports of a template, usage by user and template, approvals and business logic hot spot analysis through to administration logs and custom reports

What is the underlying technology used across the application?

Nova CLM is written in PHP and uses open standards such as JSON REST API, XLM and particularly for contracts the Oasis eContracts LegalXML protocol ( Templates, business rules and styling resources are all stored using open formats.