Perspectives: user’s

  • Rapid adoption: loading legacy contracts is a rapid process and the learning curve is very short (maximum 2 days). Besides all interfaces in the system are provided with easy-to-use on-line help assistant tools and company process compliance assistance. Assistant tools are configurable and customized
  • Guided tours provide fast and effective information about the use and contents for each interface
  • Increased Collaboration through a shared working environment, where management of the contract can be shared with other departments, as well as including contractual counterparties or third parties (technicians, professionals, lawyers), with a controlled and specific procedure


Thanks to our kontxt technology users can easily manage contents in a fully WYSIWYG, user-friendly, environment simulating the paper.

The kontxt interface displays all important information in editing mode (protocol, CapEx, target market, jurisdiction and authors) and tracks all existing versions, annotations, workflow and approval tracks; all in dual content language as well.

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